, "First 10 lives saved as 40 Days for Life completes Day 1"

Publicado a 27 setembro 2012

First 10 lives saved as 40 Days for Life completes Day 1

September 27, 2012 ( – 40 Days for Life kicked off it’s eleventh national campaign yesterday, and already 10 lives have been saved. Focusing on a constant peaceful and prayerful presence outside abortion facilities, accompanied by prayer and fasting, this 40-day campaign - the largest so far - runs until November 4th, the day before election day.

So far, 40 Days for Life has mobilized over 525,000 in prayer and fasting for an end to an abortion. Campaign organizers have confirmed 5,928 lives saved since the national campaign began in 2007, with 69 abortion workers quitting the industry and 24 abortion facilities having shut down following the campaigns.

This is the biggest campaign yet with 316 locations in five countries - the U.S., Australia, England, Spain, and Uganda. In North America, 49 states are participating with Washington, D.C.

In Canada, vigils are being held in seven of the 10 provinces.

40 Days for Life website national director David Bereit launched the campaign with this inspiring talk about how 40 Days for Life came to be, and shared campaign successes.


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